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Develop happy learners who are able to engage in the life of the school.

Enable purposeful and meaningful lives in preparation for adulthood.

Build confident communicators who can participate in social activities and have increased opportunities to be independent.



Our curriculum has three stages that reflect the different developmental and learning needs of our pupils

  1. Eggs (Engagement Model)

  2. Caterpillars (Pre KS1-2)

  3. Butterflies (National curriculum level)



  • Development of character and confidence

  • Instil a passion for learning

  • Effective communication and learning

  • Transition to the next stage of life with purpose and direction

  • Have memorable educational experiences


Curriculum overveiw

Eagle Park Independent School’s curriculum is specifically designed for young people in Key Stage 2 with ASC.
Our curriculum aims to cover the key outcomes from the key stage of the National Curriculum as well as the specific needs associated with the ASC.
The SCERTS framework, an educational framework designed for Spectrum Condition (ASC) and other related difficulties, is embedded in our curriculum to improve pupils communication and social-emotional skills.
To deliver our curriculum, we follow the TEACCH approach. It is an evidence-based academic program that is based on the idea that autistic individuals are visual learners, so teachers must
correspondingly adapt their teaching style and intervention strategies.
To guide and advise our interventions, we have Speech & Language and Occupational Therapists who ensure that they are
purposeful, effective and relevant.

Baseline assessment

Upon entry at Eagle Park School, young people are given a baseline assessment covering all aspects of current knowledge and ability, ensuring we can track progress and ascertain the best curriculum route in service of ideal outcomes.

Specialised and Individualised

Based on their baseline and EHC Plan, pupils work on their Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) to achieve the proposed outcomes.

Adapted National Curriculum and Specific approaches

Our curriculum aims to cover the National Curriculum’s key outcomes as well as a variety of frameworks specifically designed to meet the needs of the pupils with ASC.




"Social Communication"–

the development of spontaneous, functional communication, emotional expression, and secure and trusting relationships with children and adults.


"Emotional Regulation"–

the development of the ability to maintain a well-regulated emotional state to cope with everyday stress, and to be most available for learning and interacting;


"Transactional Support"–

the development and implementation of supports to help partners respond to the child’s needs and interests, modify and adapt the environment, and provide tools to enhance learning (e.g., picture communication, written schedules, and sensory supports). 

EPS Therapies

When required, Speech and Language therapy is offered for children that may not understand what is being said to them, or is struggling to put words together. A child's speech may be hard to understand or may find interaction difficult. 

Curriculum circle

When required, Paediatric Occupational Therapy is offered for children/young people who are having difficulty joining in with the activities they need and want to do every day e.g. dressing, using cutlery, completing jigsaws, riding a bike, writing. 

We work together with NHS partners in order to fulfil NHS driven medical programmes and continually work with external parties to ensure best outcomes through EPS Therapies

Curriculum circle

EPS Life & Living Skills 

All staff are trained in Makaton, which is essential in developing communication skills amongst our young people/learners. Honing in on attention and listening, comprehension, language expression are supported by Makaton signs. 

Everyday life skills are promoted at EPS in order to improve the life outcomes and life long learning.  From grooming and cooking, which full within the spectrum of basic self sufficiency to financial management, which promotes the full spectrum of independent living.

EPS school term calendar
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