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Admissions & Referrals
Eagle Park School

At Eagle Park we specialise in providing places for children Key Stage 2 & 3 with an Autism diagnosis as the primary area of need.
As a school we will consider the following: 

  • Speech and language delay despite appropriate interventions.

  • Attainment below expected levels in all or most areas of the curriculum.

  • Pupils who present with an uneven cognitive profile (when a pupil demonstrates great strengths in a particular area but severely lacks in another).

  • Non-verbal abilities that fall within the average and below average range.

  • Pupils with mild-moderate learning difficulties.

  • Poor attention skills.

  • Coordination and/or perceptual difficulties.

  • Immature social/emotional behaviour; social interaction difficulties.

  • Pragmatic difficulties.

  • Learning and social behaviours often associated with autistic features

Contact us for more details

If you would like to have an informal discussion on any matter regarding Eagle Park School, please contact:

Maria Takkou

School Proprietor
T: 020 3876 5076


Admissions &  Transitions Manager
T: 020 3876 5076


By mail:
c/o Schools’ Business Office
Educ8sen (Ltd)
Park Place
Eagle Park School

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